Sell Your Real Estate Note

We buy California notes from individuals, brokers and institutions. Sometimes we also buy in other states. If you need cash and want to sell all or part of a note, please have the following information available for speedier service and fill out the form below:

  1. Original note or certified copy from county recorder (must have this!)
  2. Trust deed or mortgage which secures the note
  3. Escrow documents or closing statements from the note’s creation
  4. Borrower(s) social security number, credit report, and any correspondence with borrower regarding payments
  5. 12 month payment history (able to provide proof with bank statements or canceled checks)
  6. Borrower’s hazard insurance policy or Forced Placed Insurance showing lender as Loss Payee or Additional Insured
  7. Lender’s title policy if you have it (or it can be purchased during sale)
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