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If you are a local real estate agent, real estate attorney, estate sale company, property manager or other real estate professionals with a property referral or a property listing that has fallen out of escrow multiple times, we would love to hear from you.  We constantly network and will be loyal to the individual who brings us the opportunity.  If you have a specific property that needs Homesan offer quickly, please contact us right away.  (Please don’t send us lists of properties from the MLS, only specific properties that you know need an offer or solution).  We are always looking for the next property to purchase in Southern California, especially property that will produce positive cashflow and perform as a strong long-term rental.

We tend to purchase fixer condos and 1-4 unit residential properties that have fallen out of escrow multiple times and others might consider “stale.”   We won’t be the highest offer if you’re looking for all cash, but we will be a strong offer and can close quickly, as-is, where others have failed to do so.  Just to give you an idea, our last several CA properties have been in the 35k-60k purchase range varying in type from condos to a single family residence and a duplex.  But, we have the resources and capability to buy in any price range.

Additionally, if you have a Seller who is threatening to “just rent” their property if it doesn’t sell, don’t throw away the deal or give up.  We may be able to lease the property from them directly and create a win-win solution whereby we pay you for the lead if we can rent it or rent-to-own.

Our favorite buying scenario is one where a tired or “accidental” owner who inherited a property will carry a first trust deed and accept payments for their equity.  This tends to work in situations where the owners are older and seeking income, live out of state, or own a property outright but do not want to spend money on needed repairs or deferred maintenance.  In these situations we can often pay at or above market value for the property while keeping the payments in line with what the property can support as a rental.

Got a headache property, shaky escrow, or listing that needs an immediate sale or special attention?  Give us a call or email us today!

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